• Location: Yedseram Street, Off IBB Boulevard , Maitama, Abuja.
  • Number of shops: It is a specialized shopping arcade of 15 units comprising display area, underground storage area and washing/processing compartment.
  • Commodity sold: Known sale of fresh for fruits and vegetables, but sells all other types of groceries
  • The market is a destination point for foreigners and others with high premium on healthy living.
  • It was established in 2008 and immediately handed over to AMML.
  • Key features & Facilities:
    1. CCTV, well-lit night environment,
    2. 24/7 Police/ private security surveillance
    3. firefighting equipment, Fire-fighting equipment & Trained personnel
    4. Regularly-cleaned environment,
    5. adequate public convenience
    6. paved and asphalted drive/walkways,
    7. good internal drainages ad landscaping
    8. Fire hydrant
    9. Regular water supply
    10. Easy Navigation
    11. Open for shopping up to 10 pm/daily