1. Its central location which makes easy to access from any part of the capital city.
  2. It is a general commodity market and therefore address the shopping needs of varying categories of customers
  3. Whereas it competes favorably with any other shops in the plazas, it enjoys comparative advantage in terms of price affordability
  4. It is managed by professional facility managers which enhances security and ambience of the shopping environment
  5. The Market is famous all over the country in the sale of gold and other quality jewelries.
  6. As a result of these aforementioned qualities, the market has grown beyond serving commercial values to also become a tourist destination for local and international visitors to the Federal Capital City.


Other features:

  • Advanced safety and security features such as: remotely monitored CCTV, well-lit night environment,24/7 Police/ private security surveillance’ Motorized firefighting equipment, Fire-fighting equipment & Trained personnel
  • Automated Access Control,
  • Regularly-cleaned environment,
  • Adequate Public Convenience
  • paved and asphalted drive/walkways,
  • good internal drainages
  • ample Parking facilities,
  • Restaurants &food courts/ sit outs
  • Banking Facilities
  • Public conveniences
  • Easy Navigation
  • Footfall- Approximately 30,000/daily