Who We Are

Abuja Markets Management Ltd is a subsidiary of Abuja  Investments Company ltd (AICL).

It was incorporated in 2004 to take over the management of shopping Facilities handed over to AICL, in the Federal Capital City


To be a leading provider of Facility Management services in Nigeria, committed to meeting the needs of facility owner/users by supplying services in the most efficient and economical manner, promoting a safe, clean, aesthetically- pleasing and user-friendly environment.


To be a vehicle of development in the FCT through the provision of world class Facility Management in its markets and shopping centres.

Our Core Values






Aims & Objectives

  • To attain self sustainable status for public markets and other s facilities under our management
  • To achieve an optimal functionality of the shopping environment and users’ safety, through the provision of excellent facility Management services.
  • Constant improvement of facilities and management approach with the pace of technology advancement and in line with global best practices.
  • To cause the replication of professional Facility Management Services in Markets/ shopping facilities in Nigeria and to expand the Company, through an unequalled service delivery in all our facilities

Our Strategy

  • We leverage the strength of our wide-ranging and highly skilled team grounded in their various career areas and certified by the most recognized Facility Management rating body in the world,(IFMA) to deliver FM services with the touch of global best practices.
  • Our over one decade experience in the management of commercial facilities and pioneer status in the professional management of open markets in Nigeria give us an edge to offer better service in that sector.
  • Our clients also benefit from the weight of Government good will, influence and authority as well as credibility and access to funding and genuine investors/partners; all of which issue from our status as a Government wholly-owned Company and our track record.